Derek Sivers

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Musicians (and others) are often told that we should be tweeting a lot.

But most of us don't feel like it, or just don't have that much to say.

Solution? Get Cyrano to do it for you.

Cyrano hires some great writers to write thousands of great tweets in advance. Group them by personality (funny, deep, etc).

Customer signs up, gives auth access to their Twitter/Facebook/etc status API. Chooses a personality (funny, deep, etc), a frequency (daily?), and a time (9am? 9pm?). Then Cyrano starts tweeting as them, unbeknownst to all.

Clearly, this is a goofy light-hearted thing, only meant for those who don't take any of this too seriously. Though there should be enough tweets that people won't get “busted” for “hey - that's not you writing!”, someone should only sign up if they don't really care if they're busted or not.

Status: maybe some day