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Language translation project management

Need some text translated?
Post any text (from a single word to an entire article) using a REST service or the website, and our real (human) translators will translate it into the languages of your choice, returning the result by REST webservice or website, keeping your formatting intact. Note: this is a paid service, since it's paying professional translators to do the work.
Are you a translator? makes it easy to do all translations directly on the website, without needing any outside software. Articles are broken up into sentences, so you can do one at a time, but read the whole article to get context. You get paid by the word, and a running count lets you know your total. takes no percentage.
Project manager? alerts translators when a project is waiting, and the first one to claim it gets it, but only if they do the project soon. If they wait too long, it reverts back to the pool and alerts the other translators. All projects are easy to oversee, and contact the client and translators. The system also allows for reviews, suggestions, and corrections.

Everything accessible by REST API so it can be integrated into any other software, CLI, or cron.

Status: was live and working, but these days I think Gengo is doing a great job, so I'm sending all translations to them for now.