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A collection of inspiring thoughts about music. Launched in June 1999. Rewritten in 2009, translated into 10 languages.

Status: live

CODE: here

Now just a static site, with no more dynamic updates.


Everything revolves around a thought. It's a quote, by a famous author, that was contributed to by a contributor, and has at least one category.

Every thought is translated into 10 languages (en es fr de pt it ru ar ja zh).

Thoughts contributed on the website do not appear in the list until an administrator approves them. The best succinct ones are marked “as random”, a flag that means it can be shown whenever a random thought is requested, like at the footer of every page.

The contributors are saved in my central “people” database, and linked back to that ID.


Simple browsing and searching of thoughts, categories, authors, and contributors. The target audience is a musician looking for a little inspiration.

There's a form for adding a new thought to the database.

Search looks for that phrase in categories, contributor names, author names, and thoughts.

The entire site is multi-lingual, based on subdomain.

Any time a list of thoughts is shown, each thought is linked back to its own URL, where the full info (contributor, TODO: categories) can be shown.