Derek Sivers

$575K of books sold. $575K to save lives.


I sell my books directly through my website,, for a few important reasons.

  1. Direct communication with the readers.
  2. Considerate pricing.
  3. Including all digital formats (MP3, EPUB, PDF, HTML, etc) with every sale.
  4. Giving all profits to charity.

My business is set up so that not a single dollar ever comes to me. (It’s a C-corp owned by a foundation, and I take no salary.) Whatever isn’t necessary for running the business (like paying for printing the next book) is given to whatever charity is saving the most lives.

Direct sales helped give $475,000 to the Against Malaria Foundation which protected over 471,000 people from Malaria. See my previous post about that.

Last year’s sales generated $100,000 for Noora Health, a nonprofit that helps mothers take care of newborn babies. Read more about Noora Health here. That $100K should save the lives of 80 babies.

If you were thinking of getting one of my books, whether audiobook, ebook (Kindle), or paper, please buy directly from

Thank you.

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