Derek Sivers

from the book “Anything You Want”:

This ain’t no revolution


Five years after I started CD Baby, when it was a big success, the media said I had revolutionized the music business.

But “revolution” is a term that people use only when you’re successful. Before that, you’re just a quirky person who does things differently.

People think revolution needs to involve loud provocations, fists in the air, and bloodshed.

But if you think true love looks like Romeo and Juliet, you’ll overlook a great relationship that grows slowly.

If you think your life’s purpose needs to hit you like a lightning bolt, you’ll overlook the little day-to-day things that fascinate you.

If you think revolution needs to feel like war, you’ll overlook the importance of simply serving people better.

When you’re on to something great, it won’t feel like revolution. It’ll feel like uncommon sense.