Derek Sivers
What Makes Us Human - by GPT-3, Jasmin Wang, and Iain Thomas

What Makes Us Human - by GPT-3, Jasmin Wang, and Iain Thomas

ISBN: 1649630174
Date read: 2022-12-04
How strongly I recommend it: 0/10
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It is interesting that this exists: a book written by a computer. The human authors created the questions. GPT-3 answered them. The humans published it only lightly edited. The content is supposed to be about the meaning of life, but the answers are extremely vague and uninteresting, no matter who “wrote” them. So, not worth reading, but worth knowing this exists and may become more common.

my notes

Insecure societies view their gods as punishing. Secure, high-synergy societies frequently view their gods as benevolent.

The pursuit of knowledge and freedom are really the same thing.

The photographer asks a question, but does not know the answer.
The painter asks a question, then decides upon an answer.

Change is the way things really are.

It’s that simple. It’s that difficult.

This moment, this “present,” is already the future of many possible worlds and the past of others.

Picture what success feels like to you - and then run toward it with everything you have.