Derek Sivers
Anchored - Lucas Skrobot

Anchored - Lucas Skrobot

ISBN: 1696567629
Date read: 2023-09-10
How strongly I recommend it: 3/10
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The author is one of my favorite people, and I liked his East-vs-West cultural insights, but they were too few, since the book wasn’t really about that.

my notes

In the West, important people are busy.
Important people walk fast, they are glued to their phones, their schedules are booked, they have constant conference calls, emails, and events.
In the East, important people walk slow, and seem to never have anything to do other than chat the night away.
Life moves slowly.
People of honor are not dictated by time - and servants hurry around.

Everything takes 10 times longer in the East.

The talk of the night amounts to nothing in the morning.

The Eastern mindset believes history is an attempt to preserve significant truths in meaningful or memorable ways, whether or not the details are objectively true.