Derek Sivers
Attempts - by Dan John

Attempts - by Dan John

ISBN: 1931046123
Date read: 2021-06-17
How strongly I recommend it: 5/10
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I love his writing about fitness and strength. Nothing unconventional except his focus on the fundamentals and basics.

my notes

Fit for what?
Fitness is the ability to do a task.

If you can survive in your home for three days, statistically, the worst of most disasters will be behind you.

Invest wisely in asymmetrical risks.

Lightweight hiking / trekking is basically: A sleep system, food system, carrying system.

For personal trainers and coaches alike, the first of the year is a good time for business and a bad time for success.

It’s the road, not the inn.

It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish.

We all knew dozens of people who wanted to be dancers, singers, artists and athletes who discovered much more fun things to do with their time.
Talk openly and honestly about the wonderful things in life that conspire to cut off the knees of our brilliant goal-setting.
It keeps people on track.
Fill the pot of “the pleasure of achieving a goal” as richly as you can.

One of your dreams will come true. But many other things you want will not happen.

I could do a million things. But I choose to do this. And I accept the fact that I will be giving up a million things.

The hatred of failure is an amazing lever to push people in the right direction.

What ideas about strength and conditioning do I have that are unconventional?
None of what I do is weird, unconventional or unusual.
Doing the basics - the fundamentals - is probably unusual in a field noted for quacks and quick-buck artists.

Coaching is named after a vehicle that takes one from here to there.