Derek Sivers
Grow Rich With Peace of Mind - by Napoleon Hill

Grow Rich With Peace of Mind - by Napoleon Hill

ISBN: 0452289335
Date read: 2021-08-15
How strongly I recommend it: 1/10
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His first book, “Think and Grow Rich”, was a huge influence on me as a teenager. I recently heard he wrote a major update to it shortly before he died, that some say is much better. I guess my tastes have changed because though this book has good intentions, and might have made a big impact on me long ago, now I found it almost unreadably vague and had to stop. The order in which we read books really does make a big difference.

my notes

The seemingly small events of a man’s life make up the greater portion of his experiences.

Small experiences give you the opportunity to prove that you are the master of your fate.

Not only had these people failed, but they kept on living with their failure. They spoke of it in preference to other topics. They lived in the past tense, reliving the pain of what had been.
Those who had succeeded, however, spoke in the future tense. Their eyes were upon their great objectives. They talked “the way up.”
Where failure had been laid behind, failure stayed behind.

Make sure your work and your money benefit someone besides yourself.

Close the door on your past and keep it closed.

Do more than you absolutely must.
Give more service and better service than you are paid for.
Find out more about your job and the job above it than you absolutely have to know.
See yourself on the next step up the ladder, and the next step above that one, and many rewarding steps ahead, and the image takes hold firmly in your mind and gets you going.

The world makes way for a man who knows where he is going.

Focus your mind upon one purpose and no other.
Knowing your purpose, you cannot be led astray by circumstances or words which have nothing to do with your purpose.
Where, before, a day’s work may have contained a good deal of wasted motion, now your efforts are lined up so that each mental or physical motion helps every other motion.

Positive mental attitude makes their brain-power more efficient and more available than most others’.

A positive mind automatically obtains benefit from other positive minds.