Derek Sivers

Ready for Anything - by David Allen

Ready for Anything - by David Allen

ISBN: 0143034545
Date read: 2013-11-28
How strongly I recommend it: 5/10
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I read this in 2004, before Getting Things Done (same author), and liked it more, because it's more philosophical than instructional. It made a big impact on me then. I was just re-reading now for a little refresher.

my notes

Maximum productivity is making something happen with as little effort as possible.

Effort implies resistance.

Improving productivity = dealing with the hindrances.

Mosquitoes can ruin the hunt for big game.

Something is coming - probably within a few days - that’s going to change your world. Are you ready? Or do you feel more out of control?

Some major life event causes them to rethink it all and get some clarity around their commitments. I suggest you do that weekly.

If you try to make something too simple, it will make everything seem more complex and difficult.

“How do I set priorities?” My question back: “What’s your job?”

You must know what you want to maintain, accomplish, or experience.

As you sensitize and train yourself to assess and dispatch anything appropriately, you increase your maturity to do that with ever loftier outcomes.