Derek Sivers
Thus Spoke Zarathustra - by Friedrich Nietzsche

Thus Spoke Zarathustra - by Friedrich Nietzsche

ISBN: 0199537097
Date read: 2023-08-14
How strongly I recommend it: 2/10
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Oh I wanted to love this. I listened to the audiobook on a long drive in 2020 and liked it, so tried to read it this time, but just couldn’t get into it. My fault, or maybe the translation by Graham Parkes.

my notes

To create new values
To create for itself freedom for new creation
To create freedom for oneself and a sacred Nay even to duty:

The spirit now wills its own will

The unreconciled sleep badly.
You must discover ten truths a day, or you will still be seeking truth at night, and your soul will stay hungry.
Send even the virtues to sleep at the proper time, so that they might not quarrel among themselves.

If there were no sense to life, and I had to choose nonsense, this would be for me too the most choiceworthy nonsense.

Don't bury one’s head in the sand of heavenly things, but carry it freely, an earthen head that creates a sense for the earth!

Whoever writes in blood and aphorisms does not want to be read, but rather to be learned by heart.

In the mountains the shortest way is from summit to summit, but for that you must have long legs.
Aphorisms should be summits: and those to whom they are addressed should be tall and lofty.

I and me are always too zealous in conversation: how could it be endured if there were no friend?
For the solitary the friend is always the third one:
the third one is the cork that prevents the conversation of the two from sinking into the depths.

Higher than love of the nearest is love of the farthest and what is to come.

Beware of the good and the righteous! They like to crucify those who invent their own virtue for themselves.