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The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur - by Mike Michalowicz

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur - by Mike Michalowicz

ISBN: 098180828X
Date read: 2023-06-10
How strongly I recommend it: 4/10
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Some thoughts on entrepreneurship. About being resourceful, scrappy, savvy. I like the focus on beliefs. Loved the $100 bill example.

my notes

Success is nearly 100% determined by your beliefs.

Money allows you to do stupid things without painful consequences, hence keeping you stupid.

“The world is more malleable than you think and it’s waiting for you to hammer it into shape.” - Bono

I partner in the launch of a new company approximately every four weeks.

Speaking on stage:
“Who wants this $100 bill?” All the hands go up.
I ask again, “Who wants the $100 bill?” The hands stay up, accompanied by strange looks.
The third time I ask, I get the same response.
Often it takes four or five times before one person sheepishly gets out of his chair, walks over and cautiously takes the $100 bill from my hand.
The rest of the audience looks stupefied.
When the $100 guy returns to his seat, we go through an exploration of our beliefs.
Even though all raised their hands saying they wanted the money, their beliefs prevented them from taking it.
The beliefs are always the same: “It’s a trick;” “It’s embarrassing;” “You’ll just take it back;” “Someone else deserves it.”
These powerful limiting beliefs keep everyone’s butt stuck to the seat, even though each wants the $100.
Their beliefs are so powerful that they are literally immobilized.
I wonder how many $100 bills and other opportunities they regularly miss out on because of fear.
But that one person, maybe out of pure frustration, elected to change his beliefs. “I’m going to go for it.” “What’s the worst that can happen?” “So what if it is a trick, at least it will be over.” “Maybe I can just take it.” “Maybe it’s not a trick. I’m going for it, now!”
I tell the attendees I can prove that they all have in fact changed their beliefs. I reach back into my pocket and hold up another $100 bill. Before I can say a word everyone makes a mad dash toward me, and in an instant the money is gone.

Two great warriors are about to fight.
One of the warriors volunteered because of his undying love for his country; the other was simply paid handsomely to fight.
Which one would you bet on?
The person who is serving his purpose will be there when the paid guys walk away.
If you try to get rich by doing the next big thing, but it isn’t your passion, the competitor who really is passionate about it will eat you up and spit you out.
Passion begets persistence.
Persistence begets success.

A belief is the thought behind the thought.
A belief is what your inner emotion is telling you.

Weight loss is more about what goes on in your head than anything else.

Just because you believe something doesn’t mean it is actually true.
You might think so. Others may not. Who’s right? Neither and both.
See, it doesn’t matter if there even is a “real” truth; what matters is what you believe the truth to be.
We are hardwired to behave in absolute consistency with our own beliefs.
Aligning all your beliefs, focus, and action to be consistent with your desires.
When you do this your beliefs will manifest thoughts.

If you are saying out loud, “I will succeed,” but your gut is saying, “You can’t, ‘cause you suck,” your gut will win out, and you will suck.
Be very mindful of the thoughts behind your thoughts… your gut.