Derek Sivers



When you hear someone complaining, here’s what it means:

  1. They know what’s wrong, but don’t realize they can change it. (They think they’re powerless.)
  2. They know what’s wrong, but are too lazy to change it. (They’d rather sit and complain.)

On the personal side, being a friend, I hate this. Because it’s a lot of work to make complainers realize they can change things. They always push back with all the reasons they can’t, which just reinforces the two points above.

On the business side, being an entrepreneur, I love this. Because I know I’m powerful and can change anything. Because every complaint is an opportunity. It’s fun to invent solutions to problems, turn ideas to reality, and watch my creations make the world a little better.

Then afterwards, on a personal note, I can say, “There! See? Told you it could change.”