Derek Sivers

How to stop being rich and happy


(part of the “do this” directives)

1. Prioritize lifestyle design.

You’ve made it, so it’s all about you, now. Make your dreams come true.

Shape your surroundings to please your every desire.

Make your immediate gratification the most important thing.

2. Chase that comparison moment.

You have the old thing. You want the new thing. Yes! Do it! Be happy for a week.

Ignore the fact that the happiness only comes from the moment of comparison between the old and new.

Once you’ve had your new thing for a week, and it becomes the new norm, seek happiness from another new thing.

3. Buy, not rent.

Why rent a house, castle, boat, or car, when you can buy?

It’s not about the thing, it’s about identity. This shows who you are now.

4. Internalize your new status.

You worked hard to get here. Celebrate. Relax.

Admit you are in a different class of people now, with different needs.

Understand there is no going back.

5. Be a connoisseur.

Learn what others say is the finest.

Insist on only the finest.

You will now be unhappy with anything but the finest.

6. Get to know your possessions.

Now that you own the best, it’s time to focus on what you’ve got.

Learn all about the features of your new possessions.

Spend more time getting your surround sound and heated floor just right.

Work out the solar panel charging of your Tesla car. This is important.

7. Acclimate to comfort.

Eliminate every discomfort from your life.

Blame others when the world seems hard, and is not living up to your standards.