Derek Sivers

Explorers are bad leaders


Explorers poke through the unknown, experimenting, trying many little dead-ends.

Explorers meander, constantly changing directions based on hunch, mood, and curiosity.

Explorers are hard to follow. It’s better to let them wander alone, then hear their tales.

Explorers occasionally find a great place that would make a better home for many people. So that makes a job for a leader.

Leaders are easy to follow. Leaders say, “Here’s where we’re going. Here’s why this will improve your life. Here’s how we’re going to get there. Let’s go.”

Leaders sell the dream. Leaders describe the destination clearly and simply so it’s easy to understand and repeat. Even someone in the back of the pack, that can’t hear the leader, can follow along.

Leaders go in a straight line. Leaders simplify.

Explorers are bad leaders.

old map of a harbor