Derek Sivers

First Follower idea is all yours


Anyone want some fame being a leadership philosopher?

Last week I gave a 3-minute talk at the TED Conference called “How to Make a Movement — Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy”.

I expected nothing, but it got a standing ovation. Peter Gabriel came up to me afterwards and said it was “funny, profound, and important.”

It was twittered and blogged about by Tony Robbins, Jason Fried, Loic Le Meur, Bill Gross, and over 1000 other people.

Some powerful people have told me the ”First Follower” is a hit idea — that I should develop it and turn it into a book or a series of talks — the next Tipping Point, Purple Cow, etc.

Only problem is: I don’t want to.

I don’t want to drop my other projects to dive into this subject, even though it seems it would be successful. I don’t have any special insights. I’ve said all I have to say about it.

So although it’s usually understood that ideas are up for grabs, I should state it clearly:

If this “First Follower” idea inspires you to elaborate on it, please do. Feel free to write a hit book about it, tour the corporate speaking circuit talking about it, or anything else. I won’t.

You don’t have to ask my permission, pay me, or even credit me.

I’ve been very lucky with lots of opportunities. This one’s all yours.