Derek Sivers

Friends from memory


Here’s a great project, that will fill you full of gratitude and reminiscing:

Try to write down all the friends you’ve ever had — from memory.

No address book, no phone, no social media. Just memory.

Remember all those people you met and connected with that made a difference in your life. It’s amazing how many are still in your head.

There are some you’ll remember who don’t remember you. There are some you’ve forgotten who remember you well.

I did mine chronologically, walking through my life from past to present. These are only people I met in-person and spent at least a few hours with. What a trip.

Some are dead. Some might be. Some have changed their names. Some hate me.

Some day I’ll be dead, and this will still be posted. (A reverse funeral! The dead remembering the living. Wow.)

To those listed here: I remember you off the top of my head, and think of you fondly. You permanently affected me, even if we haven’t talked in years. If you find this some day when Googling your name, email me to say hello.

To those not listed: Memory isn’t perfect. Sorry! (And this was written in 2011.)