Derek Sivers
from the book “Hell Yeah or No”:

If you’re not feeling “hell yeah!” then say no


Most of us have lives filled with mediocrity. We said yes to things that we felt half-hearted about.

So we’re too busy to react when opportunities come our way. We miss out on the great because we’re busy with the mediocre.

The solution is to say yes to less.

If you’re not feeling “Hell yeah, that would be awesome!” about something, say no.

It’s an easier decision. Say no to almost everything. This starts to free your time and mind.

Then, when you find something you’re actually excited about, you’ll have the space in your life to give it your full attention. You’ll be able to take massive action, in a way that most people can’t, because you cleared away your clutter in advance. Saying no makes your yes more powerful.

Though it’s good to say yes when you’re starting out, wanting any opportunity, or needing variety, it’s bad to say yes when you’re overwhelmed, over-committed, or need to focus.

Refuse almost everything. Do almost nothing. But the things you do, do them all the way.