Derek Sivers

Your interactive website


Your website can be your best tool, if you make it a two-way communication between you and your fans.

Your website should get people involved, and make them want to communicate with you.

Get their email address! Some people prefer a mailing list form. Some people prefer to email you to say hello. As new technologies come out, some will prefer those, instead. Provide every option.

Encourage them to introduce themselves, make a request, or come to a show. It’s a great way to start a relationship.

Show what’s unique about you. Have the site reflect the image, quirks, colors, and mood of your music.

Make the audio player easy to find. Get them listening as soon as possible.

Don’t assume visitors know you already. Immediately answer the obvious questions. Say who you are. Show what you look like. Let them quickly hear what you sound like.

And acknowledge your fans. Have their pictures on your site. Answer their questions on your site. Show them they are a part of your life.