Derek Sivers

KarmaList wishlist?


I meet so many people by email. Almost everyone has something to offer. Almost everyone is looking for something.

Sometimes they tell me about specific opportunities like:

Unfortunately, all of this is just in my email inbox. I haven’t organized these opportunities. And I can’t keep it all in my head.

I’ve been planning on making KarmaList an open database of contacts.

But now I’m thinking I should also make it an organized list of who’s looking for what.

I’d hire someone to go back through my email archive, and update the database with who’s looking and who’s offering. Visit URLs and validate everything, then post it on KarmaList, if they say OK.

Maybe I’ll make it invitation-only, so the website will just be verified high-quality listings.

I do all this for fun, not money, so it will always be completely free. (No ads, either.)

But because I’m making this more for you than me, I might as well ask first:

Any wish-list for this kind of service?