Derek Sivers

Ah, to own nothing!


Something’s changed. I just can’t get myself to buy anything.

I’m writing this on a 7-year-old laptop. It works.

I’ve been wearing the same few pieces of clothing for years. They’re fine.

It’s not just about personal clutter. Every manufactured thing creates a ton of waste just to make. Unless I really desperately need something, I don’t want to add to that waste.

And if your money is invested instead of spent on unnecessary things, it really adds up to more freedom in the future.

Plus, I’ve been living out of a backpack for much of the year. So I judge every item harshly, as a major burden, that better have a damn good reason why I should carry it around with me everywhere as I travel.

Wouldn’t it be more fun to never have to own anything, but to just have it when you need it?