Derek Sivers

Promo bits, ready to copy


This will save you so much time, and help you jump on so many more opportunities.

Prepare, in advance, all of the things that people and companies ask for when you’re self-promoting.

Make a folder on your computer called “promo” and put these things inside for quick easy access:

MP3s of your best songs. Give each one a nice long name, without spaces, so that if anyone runs across it later, they know who it is. (YourName-TheSongTitle.mp3)

An entertaining bio written four times, in four different lengths:

  1. Long bio. Over three paragraphs, 1-2 pages, exhaustive and rarely used.
  2. Medium length bio. 2-4 paragraphs. The maximum that people will read on a screen.
  3. Short bio. One great paragraph.
  4. One-liner. One great sentence.

Quotes from reviews:

  1. One big text file with every review you’ve ever received, all typed out and credited.
  2. One text file with just the best short quotes from these reviews.

Images, with a few different sizes of each:

  1. artist photos (studio shot, live shot, up close, far away)
  2. album art graphics (big version, small version)
  3. your logo, if you have one

If you do this, just once, then the job of uploading your information to another website, or giving materials to a media outlet, will be painless. You can jump on every little opportunity that comes along.

Bonus points if you have your own website, and put all of this stuff on a “promo” page on your site, so anyone else can get it all from one place, too.