Derek Sivers

Change careers like Tarzan


I get emails from many people who want to make a big change in their career.

Each one wants to quit their current career, and boldly leap into their new venture or preferred lifestyle.

When they ask my advice, they think I’m going to say, “Yes! Quit! Go for it!”

But instead, they’re surprised at my suggestion:

Remember how Tarzan swings through the jungle? He doesn’t let go of the previous vine until the next vine is supporting his weight.

Tarzan swinging on vines

So my advice is: Change careers like Tarzan.

Don’t let go of the old one until the new one is supporting you.

And make sure you don’t lose momentum.

P.S. I highly recommend reading the book “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” for more thoughts on this.

P.P.S. Full credit for the “momentum” metaphor goes to Philipp Antar, from the comments, below.