Derek Sivers

Presentations → Uncommon Sense

Length: 47 minutes. Date recorded: 2011-08

All of my business advice for entrepreneurs. A quick summary of almost everything I’ve learned. One of my most popular talks.

This is the talk that a few different conferences paid the big bucks to have me do in-person. But I don’t like repeating myself, so I hit record in the studio to share it for free.

It’s split into 8 parts, one subject each.

Click the “download” link to download an HD video to watch later. Or just watch the streaming version here.

1. My background (download)

2. Why are you doing this? (download)

3. Nobody knows the future (download)

4. Revolution (download)

5. Hit or switch (download)

6. Version 0.1 (download)

7. Ideas × Execution (download)

8. CD Baby (download)