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video interview about promoting and marketing your music

Date: 2009-03

The best publicist I know - Ariel Hyatt from Cyber PR - did a series of free helpful videos about promoting and marketing your music.

We did a good long interview where I share as much advice as I can about calling attention to your music.

It's broken into 16 short segments, just 2 to 6 minutes each, so you can watch one whenever you have a few spare minutes. (Sorry the sound is quiet.) Here are the direct links:

  1. perfect artist pitch, part 1
  2. story of CD Baby
  3. find your inner compass
  4. how to write a hit song: “My Girl”
  5. avoid pleasing others
  6. how to get a booking agent (or anything else)
  7. how to succeed on CD Baby
  8. let’s see what happens if…
  9. persistence is polite
  10. how to get a manager: ask for directions
  11. perfect artist pitch, part 2
  12. niche marketing, part 1
  13. niche marketing, part 2
  14. marketing for musicians
  15. get your music reviewed
  16. get 350 radio stations to play you

When you're all done watching those, bookmark this YouTube channel to catch more of her helpful videos in the future.

If you've put any of these ideas into action, please leave a reply, below, telling your story with a link to your website.