Derek Sivers


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Knowledge Project / Shane Parrish (date: 2020-06)

reading, mental models, living a meaningful life and the biggest mistake I ever made

Erno Hannink Show / Erno Hannink (date: 2020-06)

Being prepared for the worst, why I like email, writing, being succinct

Yoga Talks / J Brown (date: 2020-05)

On balance, viewpoints, play, formative times, screen time, focus, curiosity, self-expansion

Yo! Podcast / Rob Hope (date: 2020-05)

Wonderful conversation with lots of music references. Why your favorite things are magic spells, Hendrix is like Darwin, and you should remove the marketing from your website.

On the Map Music / T. Jay Johnson (date: 2020-05)

Why music can’t speak for itself, never underestimate the power of imitating a great song, why I love the underrated, behind the scenes heroes in music.

You are techY / Ellen Twomey (date: 2020-05)

Women in tech, parenting + learning, procrastination, goals, and tech independence.

Productivityist / Mike Vardy (date: 2020-05)

Why I don’t like holidays, How to Live, how constraints give you more freedom

Learning Leader / Ryan Hawk (date: 2020-05)

Leadership, excellence, journaling for your future self, how I make better decisions

What You Will Learn / Adam Ashton (date: 2020-05)

Fun conversation. Reading, what makes a great book, the definition of a philosopher, how to get rich, being meta-considerate.

Long Distance Love Bombs / Jeremy Goldberg (date: 2020-05)

Big fun questions. Five types of thinking and how to improve them, achieving success and motivation, deliberate daydreaming.

Transformative Principal / Jethro Jones (date: 2020-05)

On education, parenting, and encouraging focus

Inside Education / Seán Delaney (date: 2020-05)

Education and learning. Why being smart is a choice, the qualities of a great teacher, how I learn, focus, tech independence, my future projects.

Famous Failures / Orzan Varol (date: 2020-05)

Dealing with criticism, how quantity leads to quality, separating decisions from the outcomes, why I don’t believe in failure.

Far Out / Julie-Roxane Krikorian and Alasdair Plambeck (date: 2020-05)

Local vs. global, why we travel, singing the counter melody, freedom, expired identities.

Music Tech Fest / Andrew Dubber (date: 2020-05)

Music, CD Baby, my past, etc.

Disruptive Entrepreneur / Rob Moore (date: 2020-05)

Fun questions. Ideas versus execution, why business is about being generous, amplifying your niche, my one wish for everyone on the Internet.

Ali Abdaal / Deep Dive (date: 2020-05)

Fun conversation with one of my favorite people. My last interview for a while. On friendship, writing, music, goals, and more.

Live Wild or Die / Dan Vinson (date: 2020-04)

Fitness, consumerism, creative travel, how to live, school, hot-and-cold, discipline, and the importance of nature.

Vitamin Joy / Shelby Stanger (date: 2020-04)

How to say “no,” the importance of reflection, joy

The Speaking Show / David Newman (date: 2020-04)

making a shift in your life, goals, a specific plan to only do what makes you happy, being rich

Inspired Money / Andy Wang (date: 2020-04)

How to be wealthy at $500/month, focus time vs making time, and what's enough.

Misfits / Bryan Victor Lim (date: 2020-04)

48 rapid-fire questions about dating, Singapore, value, and life

Live Your Mission / Peter Awad (date: 2020-04)

Great interview with smart questions. How to make the difficult things fun, my thoughts on money, failure, finding your mission

Renaissance Life / Josh Waggoner (date: 2020-04)

A travel alternative, being creative, making money, serving others, finding the opposite point of view

Indie Music Marketing / Richard Hearn (date: 2020-04)

Timeless marketing strategies for artists: Launch before you’re ready, let people see you improve, keep in touch with hundreds of people, remember that marketing is the last extension of your art

Gap Year for Grown-Ups / Debbie Weil (date: 2020-04)

Why I respond to every email, ignoring the daily and looking at the big picture instead, why difficult times are great catalysts for personal reinvention.

Cold Email Outreach / Jeremy Chatelaine and Jack Reamer (date: 2020-04)

Tips on connecting with people through email.

The Darius Foroux Show / Darius Foroux (date: 2020-04)

Caring about the things no one else cares about, solitude, why I enjoy changing my mind, knowing when to quit, why no one invites me to parties

Balancing Dads / Mike McQuaid and Paul Campbell (date: 2020-04)

The most I’ve ever talked about parenting publicly. Fun conversation.

Smart Brand Marketing / Tom Libelt (date: 2020-04)

Centered around a topic I really care about: focus and distraction. Tips for eliminating distractions, monk mode, when playing hooky is a good thing, why we should commit to a problem but not the solution, building willpower and discipline, deliberate consumption

Pausecast / Rachel O’Meara (date: 2020-04)

A guided pause, living life as a series of grand experiments, asking yourself questions, possible futures, and the Muppets

Modern Wisdom / Chris Williamson (date: 2020-03)

Smart conversation. Why minimalism is considerate, how to make your website future-proof, how to stop procrastinating, achieving excellence, why truth isn’t succinct, why I’m self-publishing

Flowgrade / Max Gotzler (date: 2020-03)

How to maintain flow and keep your momentum, How to Live, time and schedules

Elevate Podcast / Robert Glazer (date: 2020-03)

Success, radical honesty, doing the things that scare you, why I love changing my mind

Making it with Chris G / Chris Goyzueta (date: 2020-03)

Fun conversation about music. Creative ways to pursue your music career, developing an alter ego, mastering distraction, how the only wrong choice is to do nothing, faking it as an introvert, mentors.

Productivity for Perfectionists / Deborah Hurwitz (date: 2020-02)

The difference between what you want now and what you want most, letting go of goals, getting things done, why I’m never busy, when to focus and when to explore

Jovana Miljanovic / Podcast (date: 2020-02)

Changing identities, tea, thinking through things slowly, why you shouldn’t be attached to plans

Jordan Paris / Growth Mindset University (date: 2020-02)

Introversion, world travel, and being “cloud free” : tech independent

Future Thinkers / Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova (date: 2020-02)

Really fun conversation. Lots of topics I rarely talk about. Building your values, learning and growth, How to Live and my directives, leaving a legacy through what you create, being a life explorer, minimalism

Matt Ward / The Disruptors (date: 2020-02)

Our competitive advantage over AI, minimalism, why you should think like a geologist with technology, and more

Erich Wenzel / Feeding Curiosity (date: 2020-02)

Different approaches to curiosity, self-reliance, becoming a world citizen, seeing things from a different point of view

Asia Professional Speakers Singapore / APSS (date: 2020-02)

Private call to an association of professional speakers. Tips for giving a good talk, building an audience, keeping people surprised, being social as an introvert, sharing one idea at a time, how inspiration meets us halfway

Gary and Robbo / Mojo Radio (date: 2020-01)

Beliefs expire. Add value to others. Understand what works for you. You don’t need more. Operating at a different pace, and more. Fun talk.

Brian Funk / Music Production (date: 2020-01)

Making music and the creative process. Really fun conversation.

Jeremy Ryan Slate / Create Your Own Life (date: 2019-12)

Living abroad, Stoicism, why you should write your own autobiography

Scott Perry / Creative on Purpose (date: 2019-12)

How goals shape our actions, accidental success, work as a public service, Sethlings, and listening to your audience.

Cathy Heller / Don’t Keep Your Day Job (date: 2019-12)

Great conversation on letting go of goals, developing laser focus for the most impact, finding a different angle on perseverance, questioning your own answers

John Fitch / Time Off (date: 2019-11)

subtracting to add value, unlearning, play as work, shallow happy vs. deep happy, doing what you want most

Sam Matla / EDM Prod (date: 2019-11)

Music: creative process, motivation, originality, and smart career building.

Amy Jo Martin / Why Not Now (date: 2019-11)

on slow thinking, how actions reveal your true values, goal-letting vs. goal-setting

Ariel Hyatt / Cyber PR Music (date: 2019-08)

First interview in over three years. About being an introvert in the music industry, finding balance as a creative, the benefits of a stage name, and conferences.

James Altucher (date: 2016-03)

My last interview for a long time. About faults, disappearing, money, favors, passion, goals, and much more.

Jenny Blake (date: 2016-01)

Podcast about success on your own terms, deliberate change, set points, writing, expertise, and much more

Becoming a Superhuman (date: 2015-12)

Great dense talk with Jonathan Levi about… many things. See his site for a table of contents.

Tim Ferriss Show : part 2 (date: 2015-12)

31 minutes about the definition of success, unpopular beliefs, and more

Tim Ferriss Show : part 1 (date: 2015-12)

Two hour conversation on developing confidence, finding happiness, and saying no to millions.

Game Changer Society with Lane Kennedy (date: 2015-11)

Great conversation about how weird I am, being useful, time management, and more.

Slow Hustle (date: 2015-11)

Great talk with Peter Awad about job security, internalizing books, making memories, being global not local, parenting, expectations

Influencer Economy with Ryan Williams (date: 2015-11)

Finding your voice, breaking bad habits, and thriving.

Software Engineering Daily (date: 2015-10)

Tech, programming, and creativity with Jeff Meyerson

Robin Zander (date: 2015-10)

Never stop learning

ReLaunch (date: 2015-10)

what’s important for you, a life you love, staying positive, with Joel Boggess

Hack the Entrepreneur (date: 2015-10)

How to find your unfair advantage, self-education, being selfless, and what to do. Good conversation with Jon Nastor.

Built to Sell (date: 2015-10)

Talking with John Warrillow about how I started and sold CD Baby

Boomers Rock (date: 2015-10)

Why passion is overrated, plasticity, career capital, culture, and more.

Rock and Roll Zen (date: 2015-09)

Mark Hermann and I talk music, how to be useful to others, changing the music business, and more.

Unmistakable Creative (date: 2015-09)

Great conversation with Srini Rao about moving, introversion, programming, personal development, money, sharing what you've learned, and when to say no.

Radical Tribe (date: 2015-09)

Talking with Faheem Moosa about starting, building, and selling a business.

Smile High (date: 2015-09)

Talk with Nate about people-pleasing and obstacles. Kind of awkward.

Ozeal: No Permission Needed (date: 2015-09)

Networking, saying yes, what a business really is, how musicians can thrive now, finding your core.

Bucket List Life (date: 2015-09)

With Travis Bell, that Bucket List guy

Art of Adventure (date: 2015-09)

Turning Observations Into Action

33 Voices (date: 2015-09)

The Tao of Business and how to live it, as well as how to design a life philosophy with deep meaning.

Productive! Magazine (date: 2015-08)

talk with Michael Sliwinski about my recipe for a happy life, giving and taking

Forbes Brave Interview (date: 2015-07)

Short interview with Margie Warrell about business lessons learned

B2C: Business to Community (date: 2015-07)

Short Q&A with Margie Warrell about the biggest mistake, saying no, priorities, followers, naysayers, and making a change.

The Start Zone (date: 2015-06)

Very tiny Q&A with Pedro Mendes

Your Own Way Out documentary (date: 2014-10)

Tom Libelt and Till Carlos ask questions about self-employment for their documentary film

Suitcase Entrepreneur (date: 2014-02)

Talk with Natalie Sisson about outsourcing, lifestyle, comfort zone, where to live, and more.

The Creative Entrepreneur (date: 2014-02)

Talking with Bob Baker about what to do early in your career, fame, fortune, failure, marketing, and the international life.

Dorm Room Tycoon (date: 2013-09)

Good conversation with William Channer about Wood Egg, employees, networking, focus, learning.

Tim Conley from Foolish Adventure (date: 2013-01)

On “changing your operating system” - my metaphor for making deep changes in my life.

Scott Dinsmore, Live Your Legend (date: 2012-10)

Scott and I talk about courage, introversion, the circus, people, 4-Hour Work Week, and life. R.I.P., Scott.

The Setup (date: 2011-12)

Tiny Q&A about what equipment I use

Waking Up the Workplace (date: 2011-07)

The cutting edge of conscious business, with Ewan Townhead

MentorCoach (date: 2011-07)

conversation with Ben Dean, just telling my story

Duct Tape Marketing (date: 2011-07)

How/when to sell your company, and other business/marketing things.

Marketing Over Coffee (date: 2011-07)

30-minute audio interview mostly about my book. Great questions.

Jay Baer - Convince & Convert (date: 2011-07)

35-minute video interview about business, self-belief, and other good stuff. Great rapport.

Mitch Joel - Six Pixels of Separation (date: 2011-07)

Great 50-minute conversation about a variety of things.

Inspire Me Today (date: 2011-07)

Talk with Gail Lynne Goodwin about my book “Anything You Want”

Eventual Millionaire (date: 2011-06)

One commenter said, “A great interview that became a fantastic interview in the last 20 minutes.”

Escape from Cubicle Nation (date: 2011-06)

Do whatever the hell makes you happy! A 30-minute audio interview about business plans, freedom and happiness.

Mixergy (date: 2011-06)

Fun hour-long interview where we talk about business intuition, story-telling, and more.

Forbes - Michael Ellsberg (date: 2011-06)

A great review of my book, followed by a great interview about minimalism in business.

Amber Rae (date: 2011-06)

My friend and the CEO of my book, “Anything You Want”! Fun 50-minute video interview about the book and related things.

Art of Charm by Jordan Harbinger (date: 2011-04)

Why being a good follower might be more important than being a good leader, learning from the best, and the value of experiential learning versus theory.

TechZing podcast (date: 2010-09)

Talk with Justin Vincent and Jason Roberts about running CD Baby remotely, programming myself, stories, transparency, and minimalism.

Ronnie Overgoor at Emerce Eday (date: 2010-07)

Must see. Watch the video. Maybe my funniest interview. We have a great irreverent banter.

Actual Insights (date: 2010-07)

Matthew Niederberger in Rotterdam Netherlands asks me about selling CD Baby, being nomadic, and the dancing guy

Seth Godin (date: 2010-01)

on spreading music and selling intimacy

Meet Innovators (date: 2009-12)

business talk about automating then selling my company, and what to do afterwards

New Man with Tripp Lanier (date: 2009-10)

Capitalism with Heart and The Tao of Business

L.A. Music Blog (date: 2009-10)

just a little about the music biz, CD Baby, Muckwork

MusFormation (date: 2009-09)

just some post-CD Baby questions

Tom Williams (date: 2009-07)

Hired by Apple at 14. I interviewed him for his full story.

Canadian Independent Recording Artists Association (date: 2009-05)

How to call attention to your music

Ariel Hyatt (date: 2009-03)

video interview about promoting and marketing your music

Justin from Berklee (date: 2009-03)

Berklee College of Music interview about the music business

Amber Rubarth (date: 2009-01)

how to be a full-time touring musician

Practical Personal Development (date: 2008-12)

with Alex Shalman about success and focus

Venture Voice (date: 2008-10)

after selling CD Baby, thoughts on selling process, and what's after

Tim Ferriss (date: 2008-08)

I interview Tim about the 4-Hour Workweek

Venture Voice (date: 2005-11)

while running CD Baby, thoughts on beginnings and operations