Derek Sivers
from the book “Your Music and People”:

Proudly exclude most people.


We love when someone hates the same thing we hate — especially if that thing is popular.

We’re drawn to the confidence of someone who is not trying to please anyone. We admire a strong, defiant stand.

You can use this to attract your future fans.

You can say, “If you like Katy Perry, you’ll hate us.” Then people who hate Katy Perry will love that you said that and want to check you out.

You can say, “Don’t listen to this if you’re happy with your life.” Then people who hate all that happy crap will be intrigued.

Most musicians are trying to please everyone. So when you’re not, it suggests that you’ve got the talent to back up your confidence.

You can be like the doorman of your exclusive club. Maybe you refuse anyone who is over 30, or under 50. Maybe you refuse anyone wearing a suit, or anyone without a tattoo.

There are some cool people around the world that would like your music. They may only be 1% of the population. But 1% of the world is 75 million people!

Loudly reject 99%. It signals who you are. When someone in your target 1% hears you proudly excluding the rest, they’ll be drawn to you.