Derek Sivers

from the book “Your Music and People”:

Include everyone in your success.


Everyone who is drawn to you before you’re famous is thinking the same thing: You might be famous soon!

They’re all hoping to be included in your glorious future.

As you get more successful, share that success with those who helped you years ago. When you’re in the tornado of fame, you can’t depend on your memory. So use your database now to keep track of who has done special favors for you. When you are famous, return the favors. Reach out to contact them, and invite them into your new world. (Don’t wait for them to ask.)

Those that gave their services for free? Now you can pay full price.

Those who wanted glamour by association? Invite them to the best party.

Those who deserve more recognition? Shout their praises to your new audience.

You aren’t pulled to success by destiny. You’re lifted there by those around you. So acknowledge their contribution, and bring them along for the ride.