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I’ve been the guest on 54 interview shows, most of them in the past year.

Now you can hear or read them all in one place:

You might find them interesting because I put a lot of heart into them, getting personal in a way I don’t in my succinct blog posts or stage talks.

You might find them interesting because I put a lot of work into them, too. The host will email me some questions in advance and I’ll spend like six hours writing, thinking, writing, editing, and writing before we do the call and hit record. I try to go beyond the first answer that comes to mind, to get to the more surprising and useful answer.

If you like to listen, I made an easy MP3 download link for each one.

If you’d rather read, there’s a full transcription on each page.

There’s also a link to the original website where you can find out more about the interviewer, and follow their work.

Since websites come and go, but will be alive longer than me, I figured I should start archiving all these interviews in one place.


I’m announcing this now because the one I posted yesterday is going to be my last interview for a long time. So now is the best time to go listen or read, if interested.