Derek Sivers


A month ago I announced the /now page movement, where many personal websites are adding a “/now” page to answer the question, “What are you focused on now?”

At the time, only ten websites had a /now page. Now there are over 280.

It’s incredible. People are saying it helps them prioritize and focus.

Greg Albritton emailed to say he made a list of everyone with a /now page. So I turned that into its own website:

It’s been a fun programming project. I’ve been doing it full-time for the past month. (Thanks to Sascha Krause in Berlin for contributing a better design.)

Then Greg wanted to do feature profiles, so he came up with six questions that I asked everyone. Now if you click the (+) by any link on, it will bring you to a page where you can get to know the person behind the site.

It’s addicting and inspiring to browse these profiles, and visit their sites. There’s a Twitter account — @NowNowNow — that tweets out a link to a new profile every hour.

People have told me they are getting a good amount of traffic to their site from people browsing, so…

How to add yours?

If you already have a website, just add a new page. If you’re using WordPress, look for “Pages” on the left, and choose “Add New”. Give it a “permalink” of /now. (Sorry I can’t help with tech support.)

Write something about what you’re doing now, and publish. Once it’s online, email me the link, and I’ll add it to After it’s up, I’ll ask you the questions for a profile page.

If you don’t have a website, but have been meaning to get one, create a free one at Bear. Before you announce it, I highly recommend getting your own domain name at Porkbun. Point your domain to your Bear blog, and use that. (Again, sorry I can’t help with tech support, but this is very common stuff, so anyone else can.)

What now?

Someone asked me what my vision is for the /now page movement. But I’ve never had one. I just enjoy being of service. People tell me what they want, and if it’s something I can do, I do.

So if you have a good idea for what this could use or could be, please leave a comment here, or email me.