Derek Sivers

What I’m doing now

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Updated July 24th, 2024, from Santiago, Chile.

Useful Not True” is done

If you want advance access to my next book, buy “Useful Not True” now at

I’ve been working on this almost full-time for two years, and I’m super-happy with it. I made some final improvements and did the page layout last week, loaded the sentences into the database for translation. My friend Saeah at Otterpine has sent the book to the printers.

While working on this book for the last two years, I’ve been putting off so many things, because I really prefer to see one through to completion before starting another. So what’s next?


After pushing aside all other projects for two years, I’m back in the mode of getting things done. Here’s my list of projects, though please don’t ask me for details on them, because that would take a long time to explain. (Time when I could be completing them instead.) Just sharing the list for the hell of it:


I’ve started learning Chinese, using HackingChinese, Pimsleur, Wenlin, Anki, Michel Thomas, and more.

cuddly pet rats

I would never have predicted this, but my boy heard from a friend that rats are wonderful pets, so a few weeks ago we got two twin boy rats. They just want to cuddle and sleep all the time. They’re so sweet, never bite, and don’t even smell. They poop in a litter box! See this video for an example of what rats are like as pets.

I take them with me on my daily hour-long walk in the forest. They sit on my shoulders, in my hood, and in my pockets. See photo, below, or click it for high-res.