Derek Sivers

Err on the side of action, to test theories


I spend a lot time thinking of alternate ways to approach life.

I re-consider my hierarchy of values.

When values change, the plan of action needs to change, too.

For example, if I decide that personal growth is top priority, then I plan a life pushing outside my comfort zone. But if I decide that creative output is top priority, then I plan a tranquil life without obstacles, so I can just create.

But the only way to decide — to not be Buridan’s donkey — is to go give it a try.

There’s a huge difference between in-theory versus in-practice. If you’ve been deliberating on something for a while, get it out of your head, and into the world.

If it turns out to be a mistake, that’s fine. At least you’ll know it’s a mistake in fact, instead of just in theory.