Derek Sivers

My loss


In one year:

Two weeks after that year ended, three companies called asking if I wanted to sell my company. Though I had said no to that question for ten years, this time I said yes.

I had messed up so bad, I had to walk away. I had done everything wrong, and needed to cleanse myself of all those bad decisions. I needed to take some time to learn from my mistakes, and replace my thoughts with new ones. A self-made back-to-schooling.

I look back at that year, and know it won’t get much worse. If I can handle that, I can handle anything.

The company sale was announced. The first time someone said “congratulations” I said, “For what? I messed up so bad I lost my baby. That’s nothing to congratulate.” For future congratulations, I just shrug.

We all underestimate our ability to massively change our life when it’s gone off track.

Say “no” where you used to say “yes”. Say “yes” where you used to say “no”. Do the thing that scares you the most, then get up and go.

For those of you considering a massive change, I can tell you from experience:

It’s awesome here on the other side.