Derek Sivers

What I’m doing now

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“Your Music and People” and “Hell Yeah or No” books released

Only available directly through me for the next few months, then I’ll put it into stores (Amazon, Audible, etc) after that. Click for…

Settling in to New Zealand

I moved back to my favorite country last month. Planning to stay very long-term, and be local and social this time. I’m based in Wellington. If you want to meet up, say so.

I'm de-internationalizing. I had made Singapore, England, and Portugal my home (and not or) in the last few years and still had many ties to America. But this move to New Zealand feels very long-term, so I'm shutting bank accounts, renouncing resident visas, and simplifying my life. Closing options.

Finishing “How to Live

Many hours a week, finishing the book I’ve been most excited about for the last two years.

It’s coming together really well. I think it’s by far the best thing I’ve ever done.

But more about that, later.

Updated August 13th, 2020, from Wellington, New Zealand.