Derek Sivers

What I’m doing now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

Finished “How to Live”!

After four years of work, I finally finished my newest book, “How to Live”.

It’s by far the best thing I’ve ever written. It’s very different than anything you’ve seen from me before. I’ll write more about it before it’s released.

It is at the printer, and should be back around the end of August. I’m recording the audiobook now.

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Empty calendar

My calendar is completely empty. There is nothing scheduled in my future. Nothing at all. My sole task is to finish recording the “How to Live” audiobook, with no other obligations.

So, sorry, no phone calls, meet-ups, interviews, or anything else, until this is done.

“Your Music and People” and “Hell Yeah or No” books selling

My two newest books are shipping daily, so get them directly from me, here:

My friend Saeah produced the paper books, and is shipping them from North Carolina, USA.

Living permanently in New Zealand

I moved back to New Zealand in July 2020. I’m really thankful to be here.

This is my only home, now. I’ve let go of Singapore and Oxford. I plan to stay for nine more years until my kid is 18.

Learning Portuguese

Learning European Portuguese, using, Michel Thomas, Pimsleur, and conversation.

Building an off-grid house

Well, I’m still designing it, trying to figure out what layout I want. I bought some land, off-grid, so it will just be solar and rainwater. This will be my permanent home.


I’ve hardly read anything in the last couple years, as I was obsessed with finishing “How to Live”. So I’m reading again. I’ll post my notes here at /book. (Click “newest”, there, to see the new ones.)

Love love love…

Between my wonderful kid and loving partner, my life is filled with a lot of love.

Updated July 29th, 2021, from Wellington, New Zealand.