Derek Sivers

What I’m doing now

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Updated September 18th, 2023, from Cyprus.


I’m on the road through the end of October: Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Cyprus, Singapore, Sydney, Seoul, Kyoto, Bangkok.

Sorry I can’t meet up unless you’re at ReflectFest, SxSW Sydney or DCBKK.

Useful not true

I’m fascinated with this subject of choosing beliefs that are useful to me now, not caring if they’re true. So fascinated that this is my next book — a dive into this subject so I can learn what others have thought around this and think deeper about it myself.

  1. Separate physical observable facts from their interpretation.
  2. Almost nothing is objectively true. Disprove limiting mindsets.
  3. Rules and norms are arbitrary games that can be changed.
  4. Beliefs are placebos. Believe whatever works for you.
  5. Refuse ideology. Accept ideas individually.

The book is taking a long time to write because I keep learning more about the subject.

Tech Independence

I spent 50+ hours on a tutorial teaching everyone how to have their own server. But people were finding it too difficult. So I spent 30+ hours more to make it easier. Updated version at

Converted to multi-currency multi-warehouse

I wrote the store myself, from scratch, because I wanted to make it great. But I did it somewhat urgently in 2020 since my books were ready to sell.

Well, now I’m going to have multiple warehouses around the world for shipping. And set it up so people can buy in their local currency. So it was a lot of SQL work to set up these new functions. (And I love it. So interesting.)

Reading so many good books

These books are really one of the highlights of my life. See my book list at