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Updated June 15th, 2024, from my home in New Zealand. It’s the middle of winter here. Windy, cold, sideways rain. Very productive.

Final edits to “Useful Not True

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I’ve been working on this almost full-time for two years, and I’m so excited to be almost done. I’m super-happy with it, but still improving it.

surprised at the comfort of Shanghai

Just spent five days in Shanghai, China, and it’s so nice! Especially 梧桐区 - AKA the Former French Concession, one of the nicest neighborhoods I’ve ever experienced in any city in the world. Cycling around every day on shared bicycles.

The people are kind. The trains are efficient and not over-crowded. The streets are clean. Trashcans (+ recycling) everywhere. The AliPay and WeChat systems for QR mobile app payments are surprisingly great.

And biggest surprise of all: it’s quiet with relatively clean air thanks to every motorcycle and most cars being 100% electric. The motorbikes especially are absolutely silent. 50 of them will go right by you, completely inaudible. Amazing. Intriguing. Makes me want to learn Chinese and spend more time there, getting to know many of the cities. But especially retuning to that adorable 梧桐区.

redesign of

I visited all 2300 /now pages to see who’s current, and deleted the ones that are gone. Then I changed the home page to browse by location or search profiles for text.

cuddly pet rats

I would never have predicted this, but my boy heard from a friend that rats are wonderful pets, so three weeks ago we got two twin boy rats. They just want to cuddle and sleep all the time. They’re so sweet, never bite, and don’t even smell. They poop in a litter box! See this video for an example of what rats are like as pets.