Derek Sivers

from the book “Your Music and People”:

The most expensive vodka


There is a vodka company that advertises itself as “the most expensive vodka you can buy”.

It’s enticing. It’s almost a dare. (And it proudly excludes people!)

While most companies are trying to be the cheapest, a few do the opposite and aim to be the most expensive.

Most people try to imitate current trends and styles. So I suggest you boldly declare that you are something totally un-trendy — the opposite of what everyone else is trying to be.

Advertise your live show as “the most boring concert you’ll ever see.”

Call your music “the most un-catchy, un-memorable, un-danceable music you’ve ever heard.”

Tell the music industry “this music has no hit potential whatsoever.”

I’ll bet you get people’s attention.

It’s almost a dare.