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I’ve been a musician, producer, circus performer, entrepreneur, TED speaker, and book publisher.

Monomaniac, introvert, slow thinker, and love finding a different point of view.

California native, I now live in New Zealand.

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Anything You Want book cover

Anything You Want (2011)

40 lessons for a new kind of entrepreneur: my tales of starting, building, and selling CD Baby

Your Music and People book cover

Your Music and People (2020)

getting your work to the world by being creative, considerate, resourceful, and connected

Hell Yeah or No book cover

Hell Yeah or No (2020)

thoughts around what’s worth doing, fixing faulty thinking, and getting things done

How to Live book cover

How to Live (2020?)

radically different approaches to life, in succinct directives


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3 short talks from the TED Conference.
Anything You Want
7 short animations from my book “Anything You Want”.
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Entrepreneur lessons learned from starting, building, and selling CD Baby.
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September 12
Real question: What's the difference between feminism and anti-sexism?
September 1
One of the best (and funniest) things I ever did was produce this album by “Captain T” : +
August 28
An open mind, like an open mouth, must eventually close on something.
August 27
Sincere question: What non-obvious ways do you find or make BALANCE in your world?
August 6
$250K books sold. $250K to save lives.
August 5
Changed to because it's shorter. (No other reason. “.org” felt like unnecessary noise.)